Inclusion & Innovation

We accelerate new approaches that accelerate economic mobility.

Mango X

We're a diverse group of volunteers who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people.

Open Data Project

Tracking sub-national cases and vaccine deployment data for 20,000+ distinct locations in over 190 countries.


We give 0% interest micro-loans for creative entrepreneurs in Uganda to increase sustainable income opportunities.

Small Business Digital Guide

It is a resource for small business owners to efficiently bring their business to the digital era.


We push youth in Uganda to develop skills needed for an entrepreneurial mindset: collaboration and curiosity.

Mango Research

Our purpose is to create a more inclusive world with data driven choices. It is the lens through which we make all our decisions.

Mango Talks

Get instant access to 50+ talks and/or classes from the most influential minds in financial inclusion — all free.

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